Pills, Pills, and More Pills

My Sunday afternoon pills

Before being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease I only took pills when I had a headache or felt sick. Now I take a ridiculous number of pills every single day. I take pills for many different reasons. One pill I take with the hope that it will send this disease into remission before the pill damages my liver and kidneys. Other pills I take to manage the symptoms of this disease including prednisone when I have a bad couple of days. I also take a bunch of different vitamins to add vitamins that my body is not able to absorb from food anymore. For example, I take a supplement with extra potassium because without the proper nutrients I get really painful cramps in my legs. I take iron because of the amount of intestinal bleeding I experience. I take so many pills every day that I must spread them out throughout the day, so they don’t make me nauseous.

I have been on several different pills that were prescribed by my gastroenterologist to try to help bring my disease into remission. Most of these pills are immune system suppressors. Each new pill comes with a crazy long list of side effects to watch for along with regular blood draws to make sure my liver and kidneys continue to function. One pill had a slight risk for increasing the chance of blood clots forming. After a month on that pill I had a fun trip to the emergency department because I was having trouble breathing with chest pains. Thankfully I keep a list of the medications I am taking with me and the doctors in the emergency department quickly recognized what the problem may be. I was right as rain by the next morning but will be avoiding that pill moving forward. I truly wish there was a magical pill that would make this better without risking my health.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try removing dairy from my diet. I was able to replace my regular milk with almond milk. It definitely does not taste the same but seems to trick my mind into thinking it is milk. I have found myself craving cheese this week and have started looking into options to replace it somehow. There are a lot of interesting choices and I hope to find one that keeps me from dreaming of cheese…. mmmm…. swiss, sharp cheddar, pepper jack…. sliced, shredded, melted…. CHEESE!


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